Camera Pin Codes are all 4511

Location 1 (Outside GDC Hole in fence West) 


Coordinates - 'motive.overdone.ascendant'

- One Camera LIVE


Location 2 (Outside GDC fence North - Jess Indicator)


Coordinates - 'poetic.rods.part'

- One Camera LIVE


Location 3 (Path)

Coordinates - 'strut.opts.reboot'

- One Camera LIVE


Location 4 (Path)

Coordinates - 'cavalier.everyone.motion'

- One Camera LIVE


Location 5 (Path) 

Coordinates - 'appendix.elders.amending'

- One Camera LIVE


Log Book

Forfar-Loch Compact.jpg

Search Dogs 13/09/2020

Monday 27th July – Twiggy Goes Missing

  • Report of bells from random passing lady (near L12)

Wednesday 5th August​

  • Raven finds dog which then attacks a bird (J6 @ 2100) – Medium Confidence

Thursday 6th August

  • James hears bell collar very close and moving East (K9 @2145) – High Confidence

  • Nicola, Debbie & Fergus spot her on path, she crosses road and heads North (P12 @ 0400) – High Confidence

Saturday 8th August

  • Scent dogs in the middle of the search area – search delayed

Sunday 9th August

  • Fresh bird carcass found, not a cat kill (J7 @ 2100)

Monday 10th August

  • Green eyes / dog spotted watching us.  Moved slowly West over a period of 10 minutes approximately 150 feet away (R9 @ 0001).  Impossible to tell if it was Twiggy but it was a small dog.  Low Confidence


Thursday 13th August​

  • James hears faint bells from the Ind Estate (P14 @ 2303) – Medium Confidence

Friday 14th August​

  • Rosie & Jenny spot a small dog watching them from under a lamppost, it runs away West when it sees them paying attention (M17 @ 2330) – Medium Confidence

Thursday 20th August​

  • James spots a small Border Terrier type dog through the thermal scope running away from him heading West along the path (K10 @ 2245) – High Confidence

Monday 24th August​

  • Couple spot small dog running across the path, they are critical thinkers and are 80% confident it was Twiggy (K11 @ 2000) – Medium/High Confidence

Sunday 13th September​

  • James/Jenny hear collar bells over the space of 15 minutes (L12 @ 2245) – Medium/High Confidence

Thursday 17th September

  • James hears collar bells over the space of 5 minutes (J7 @ 2215) – High Confidence

Wednesday 23rd September

  • Fraser/Susan both hear collar bells (J7 @ 2105) – High Confidence

Friday 25th September

  • Susan receives report of a sighting of a small dog matching Twiggy's description running down Graham Crescent towards the loch (0600) – High Confidence (See map below)


  • Trucker reports small Border Terrier type dog in the early hours, unsure of date but post 17th August

  • Ollie the Collie’s owners report random dog barking near J9

  • Jenny reports something unusual spotted in the grounds of Guide Dog centre

  • Fergus reported small dog bark coming from rear of Guide Dog Centre

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Search Dogs 13/09/2020

Green   - Traps

Pink      - Jess Indications

Purple  - Bella Indications

Orange - Raven Indications

Blue      - Glow Stick