We are based in Muirhead, and cover most of Dundee, including Broughty Ferry.

Some areas are time consuming to get to during the day (like the city centre), especially when parking is difficult.  If you are getting in touch let us know where you live and we will let you know what we can offer.



We are both exceptionally experienced dog walkers and both love working outside no matter the weather.


For transport we use a highly customised van to ensure that your pet is well looked after, and while we only ever walk sociable dogs together we do segregate dogs from different households in the rear of the vehicle - you can never be too safe.


The van is also properly ventilated and insulated to protect your pet in extreme heat or cold.


We have dog walking spaces throughout the day, and promise to make the walk safe and fun for your pets.



You might be heading away for a few days or a few weeks and need someone to visit regularly and look after your pet.  


We can help in most circumstances and for nearly all pets.



Jennifer has years of experience with horses, in fact as a child she saved her pocket money for 5 years to buy her first horse!


From feeding, to changing rugs, grooming and mucking out we can help look after your horse or pony.



Jenny has finished her training and has been grooming in the early evenings.  

We offer generous discounts for our regular dog walking customers.  Please get in touch for prices.



We understand that life can be unpredictable, so if you have an urgent requirement then please get in touch - we can probably help.


This might be useful even if your normal dog walker is on holiday, we promise that if we can help, then we will.



Pet Lovers!

We are a small family run and owned pet business based just outside of Dundee, Scotland.  


Run by a pair of animal lovers, Jennifer and James, we started out in late 2015 when we were given the opportunity to change careers and work in whatever area we wanted - we very quickly chose pets!


Thank you for visiting our page and rest assured that whatever your needs may be, we will do our very best to meet them.




Choosing your dog walker/pet sitter is a very personal thing, more often than not your pet is considered a fully-fledged member of your family, and you need to be 100% sure that you can trust the person you are handing them over to.


We are happy to come along and meet you and your pet with no obligations whatsoever, and if we get your seal of approval (and more importantly your pets) then we can discuss how we can help you.


We are both lifelong pet lovers and are rapidly finding out that although running your own business is challenging, the rewards far outweigh the effort.


Both of us are thoroughly enjoying spending time with so many different animals, and are committed to looking after every one of them as if they were our very own.  We own three lovely German Shepherds, a cat, and a horse - feel free to ask any of them for a reference!

One of our German Shepherds was a rescue dog that we picked up from the SSPCA, and while we have no affiliation with them we wanted to give them a plug and say that if you are looking for a new pet then we highly recommend giving a rescue dog a new home - we have never regretted it and their local centre in Petterden is just a short drive away.


Because we are running this together we can offer the occasional weekend services to our regular customers, and are also happy to work into the evening - it really does depend on what is best for you and your pet.  When we do take holidays or a short break together we will arrange cover for you where possible and give you lots of warning.  The last thing we want to do is let you down.

Thanks again for visiting our site,


Jennifer & James





Dronley Avenue, Muirhead.


Email: scotpaws@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scotpaws
Tel:  07840 660740


8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday - Friday

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday


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